FashionPicha is a community-based organization aimed at empowering women and youth in Mathare, through art, creativity, and love. We collaborate effort between local artists, students, and entrepreneurs to empower community members with the greatest need. We do this by sponsoring kids to go to school. We also teach after school classes in photography, art, and business skills, and we help women start small businesses.

Lack of school fees prevents children from continuing or even starting their education. Our sponsorship program aims to remove the financial barriers to education, by funding kids in Mathare to attend school.

Our after school program is designed to give young people skills and the ability to think creatively, so they can start their businesses and make a living after school. With support from local artists, we teach a range of art based skills and business skills to prepare students to create their businesses. We hope to inspire the next generation to use art to take care of themselves, their families, and their communities.